About Us


CLC, Inc. is a good head start because we offer a nurturing environment and an excellent learning opportunity. We fully realize that we are here to help your child excel physically and academically.

My staff is committed to seeing that your child is prepared to take on their next stage in life. We do this by engaging them in various academic and social activities that stimulate their minds. Call our office for a tour!

Chris’ Learning Center, Inc. Philosophy

  • To promote intellectual curiosity, sound social values and emotional well-being.
  • To model sound personal development and to teach respect for others who are different.
  • To develop critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills.
  • To teach students how to work independently and cooperatively.
  • To foster pride in work.
  • To develop economic and international understanding.
  • To promote awareness of cultural diversity.
  • To foster an appreciation for the arts.
  • To help students realize the relationship of good health to success and happiness.
  • To develop in each student the ability to understand and to accept themselves.
  • To help each student accept responsibility.