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We Celebrate Differences

At Chris’ Learning Center, Inc. we actively promote inclusive practices to best meet the needs of the children, families and staff at our Center. All children are welcome to attend our school regardless of ability, need, background, culture, religion, gender or economic circumstances. We encourage children to love and care for one another as well as celebrate all differences. This can allow them to be more considerate citizens with the ability to possibility address any injustices toward people or situations as they mature.

Through the numerous activities, being kind and considerate are concepts we do not take lightly. We teach children how to respect all people by:

  • Integrating lessons of diversity, equity and inclusion into activities
  • Providing healthy “teachable moments” when a situation is not fair
  • Teaching acceptance and value of every person of any background
  • Celebrating a variety of cultural holidays and providing context as to why they exist
  • Modeling the behavior of giving respect to others

At our Center, teaching inclusiveness is a conscious decision done by our staff throughout the time your child is with us. When necessary, we can provide modifications and adaptations to help children achieve success in our childcare programs.