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3 years old

At this stage, watch out your preschooler rules the world! They can do anything as they ask “why” to everything, bring into play their organization skills with shapes and colors as well as form friendships with their peers. They are unstoppable superheros at this stage!

Skills that Children Will Learn

Foundational Concepts

At the preschooler stage, this is a vital time for growth in all developmental areas: adaptive, cognitive, language, physical and social.  At Chris’ Learning Center, Inc. we have a curriculum that aims to develop these concepts and more in order to create a solid base moving forward.

During this stage, some of the foundational skills are:

  • Recognizing their feelings and managing them with behaviors
  • Engaging more in collaborative play with their peers and learning how to respect and get along with them
  • Learning to read and write simple words
  • Listening more intensively to follow directions

Daily Schedule

We provide a curriculum to help preschoolers grasp the above concepts.

Activities include:

  • Zumba
  • Educational movies/programs
  • Clean-up time
  • Handwriting exercises
  • Creativity time (i.e, arts & crafts and coloring)
  • Cognitive activities (i.e., block play, puzzles, memory games)
  • Outside play (weather permitting)
  • Circle time (i.e., ABC’s, numbers, colors, finger plays, puppetry, Spanish, sign language, etc.)
  • Story time
  • Lunch/Snack time
  • Naptime

Detailed Daily Schedule (PDF)