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We Care About Your Child.

Age Appropriate Programming

Our age-appropriate programs encourage imagination and nurture children’s natural love of learning. Carefully selected learning materials and our trained staff combined enhance children’s Smiling Kidsskills and help each child develop social and cognitive ability through guided learning experiences. Your child discovers friendship and sharing, and most importantly, your child develops a positive self-concept. Developmental
early childhood programs, trained staff, and an orientation to the individual child make Chris’ Learning Center, Inc. (CLC, Inc.) uniquely qualified to help support as your child grows.


Enrollment into CLC, Inc. prohibits perception to any student on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry. We are committed to maintaining a community which recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of every student; fosters tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect; and encourages each student to strive to reach his or her own potential without regard to any non-merit factor. In pursuit of its goal of academic excellence, CLC, Inc. seeks to develop and nurture diversity and believes that diversity among its many students strengthens the institution, stimulates creativity, promotes the exchange of ideas, and enriches school life.

Contact to schedule time to see us in action. Come find out what an outstanding daycare program can do for your child. When you enter our building, you will see creative art projects and classrooms filled with an abundance of learning activities at Chris’ Learning Center, Inc.