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4 years old

Give a challenge to a Pre-K kid and they will be happy! Your youngster is motivated to learn all that comes his or her way. At CLC, Inc., we provide opportunities to expand their creative minds as we prepare them for school. Are you ready and set? If so, your Pre-K child is ready to go!

Skills that Children Will Learn

Foundational Concepts

At the pre-kindergarten stage, adaptive, cognitive, language, physical and social skills are reinforced from the preschooler period.  At Chris’ Learning Center, Inc. we have a curriculum that aims to strengthen these skills as this group progresses to the next level of learning.

During this stage, some of the foundational skills are:

  • Encouraging independence, creative thinking and problem solving
  • Understanding their feelings and managing them appropriately
  • Confidence-building in self and learning skills
  • Learning how to respect and get along with peers
  • Enhancing reading and writing skills (e.g., writing their first name)
  • Reinforcing responsive listening in order to follow directions

Daily Schedule

We provide a curriculum to help pre-kindergartners grasp the above concepts.

Activities include:

  • Dancing (e.g., Zumba, dancing with scarves, etc.)
  • Educational movies/programs
  • Clean-up time
  • Handwriting exercises
  • Creativity time (i.e, arts & crafts, coloring, cutting, pasting, drawing, etc.)
  • Cognitive activities (i.e., block play, puzzles, memory games)
  • Outside play (weather permitting)
  • Circle time (i.e., ABC’s, numbers, colors, finger plays, puppetry, Spanish, sign language, etc.)
  • Story time
  • Lunch/Snack time
  • Naptime

Detailed Daily Schedule (PDF)