2021 Weekly Rates

NEW ENROLLMENT SPECIAL – Free enrollment at 9701 Dalmation Drive, Clinton, MD location. 

PDF file: 2021 Tuition Rates

$300-$250Infants to 2 years of age (hourly basis - no more than 10 hours)
$220-$210Pre-school program (3 years and up)
$85Before or After Care (1 to 2 hours)
$170-$185Before and After Care (2 to 4 hours)
$55/day Daily Care (alternative care) - 3 years and up
$65/day Daily Care (alternative care) - under 3 years
$65Additional fee: schools are closed all day (emergency care only) - under 2 years
$30/day Additional fee - schools are closed 1/2 day - for school age children
$185 per weekSummer Program
$1.00/minuteChild arrives earlier or picked up later than the time agreed upon *(cash pymt is due at time of pickup)*
$15/$25 additional per weekPotty Training Fee - 12 months/2 yrs and older
$10Late fee if payment is received after Monday, 9 A.M.
$10Assessed in addition to late payment fee each day thereafter
$20 per hourExtended Care - pymt due at time of pick-up of child (under 2 yrs)
$15 per hourExtended Care - pymt due at time of pick-up of child (over 2 yrs)
$100 (addl per week)Extended Night Care - pymt due at time of pickup


  • Payments are due weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Please discuss options with the Center Administrator.
  • If weekly, payments are due every Monday by 9:00 AM.
  • Cash is preferred in an enclosed envelope, but checks are accepted. Full payment is still due when your child is not in attendance at the Center.

Extended Night Care hours:

  • One day advance notice is to be given to the Director in order to utilize this service.


  • Bag lunch and disposable drinks are required for the 3100 Tucker Road location. 
  • Lunches must also be provided by parents when children attend special outings and events.