2019 Rates


Payments due weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (unless indicated otherwise)

$210-$260Infants to 2 (hourly basis) Not more than 10 hours
$185-$195Pre-school program (3 years and up)
$75Before or After Care (1 to 2 hours)
$150Before and After Care (2 to 4 hours)
$40/day (3 years and up)Daily Care (alternative care)
$55/day (under 3 years)Daily Care (alternative care)
$30 (under 2 years)Additional fee - schools are closed all day (emergency care only)
$20/day (school age)Additional fee - schools are closed 1/2 day
$175 per weekSummer Program
$1.00/minuteChild arrives earlier or picked up later than the time agreed upon *(cash pymt is due at time of pickup)*
$10/$20 additional per weekPotty Training Fee 12 months/2 yrs and older
$10Late fee if payment is received after Monday A.M.
$10Assessed in addition to late payment fee each day thereafter
$15 per hourExtended Care - pymt due at time of pick-up of child (under 2 yrs)
$10 per hourExtended Care-pymt due at time of pick-up of child (over 2 yrs)
$75 (depending on age)Extended Night Care - pymt due at time of pickup (5:30 until 7pm)


Payment is required every Monday by 9:00 AM (unless specified otherwise).

Method of payment: Cash preferred in an enclosed envelope. Full payment is still due when your child is not in attendance.

Extended Night Care hours:

One day advance notice is to be given to the Director in order to utilize this service.


Bag lunch and disposable drinks are required for the 3100 Tucker Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744 location, as well as, field trips and special events!!!!